On 2 November 2017, CCP Global officially released the CCP Global PQD Template on Public Quantitative Disclosures (PQDs), which provides a global harmonized approach. This PQD template represents CCP Global’s active response to CPMI-IOSCO and our endeavour to foster industry best practices. The template improves standardization and transparency of the CCP industry by facilitating comparable data points and formats. The CCP Global PQD Template has been adopted by CCPs across the globe, by both members and non-members of CCP Global. If you have any questions, please contact us at: question.pqd@ccp-global.orgIn 2015, CPMI-IOSCO published the Public Quantitative Disclosure Standards for Central Counterparties (CCPs) and encouraged CCPs around the globe to use a common template.

With CCP Global’s ongoing efforts to foster a harmonized approach to populating and interpreting the CCP PQDs, the following summary provides a list of new and updated PQD documentation, in addition to latest changes to the PQDs:

On the 4 November 2020, CCP Global released the following documents:

  • Updated CCP Global PQD Template:

This provides further clarity in relation to populating the disclosure fields in a standardized approach, a method to track PQD changes, and further ensures machine readable data points.

  • CCP Global PQD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Guide:

This document provides details of the CCP Global PQD Template such as the ‘Disclosure Title’, ‘Reference’, ‘Description’ and ‘Reporting Frequency’. In addition to this, after discussion with the CCP Global members, market participants, and global regulators, a comprehensive explanation to all disclosures are included which have been defined in order to give supplementary guidance to CCPs.

On the 7 February 2022, CCP Global released an Updated CCP Global PQD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Guide – Updated to reflect the industry feedback and further enhancement of the PQDs.

The above updates are part of CCP Global’s on-going efforts to provide further alignment and harmonization across the PQDs.

The CCP Global PQD Template, the CCP Global PQD FAQ Guide, CCP Global PQD Newsflash and CCP Global PQD Newsletters can be downloaded below.


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